Minecraft: 143,932 reasons why I wish I had developed it

The other day I came across several mentions of a little game called Minecraft, a Java based game you can play online, or purchase and download.  Not thinking much of it, I surfed on.  A little later on reddit, I came across an article on the games’ sales figures.  Hold up the train…

As of 12:05am on Sunday the 3rd of October, the website states that in the past 24 hours, 10,506 copies of the game had been purchased.

At $13.70 per copy, that’s $143,932.20 gross sales.

In one day.

That is all.

Colbert interviews Google CEO Eric Schmidt

Been really busy this week and I need to veg, so I’m going to opt out of thinking this weekend.  However, I feel like if I don’t post something this week, I won’t be upholding my duty in this relationship that we’ve established, and then I’ll have guilt, and I don’t need that.  So in review… I’m doing this out of selfish reasons.

Anyway, here’s a great interview of Google CEO Eric Schmidt by the brilliant Stephen Colbert.

Have a great weekend!

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DTV Shredder – Now the Uno has a little brother!

Saw this and knew I had to post about it… who doesn’t like something with tracks?  The DTV (Dual Tracked Vehicle) Shredder is developed by BPG Werks out of Canada, and is the brainchild of Benjamin Gulak, who also brought us the Uno… a self-balancing uni-motorcycle.

This time, he’s developed a cross between a scooter, a skateboard, a snowboard and a tank.  From the videos, it looks to be pretty off-road capable, and with a top speed of 30 mph, it’s no slouch.

They’re also pitching it to the Military, who I think could definitely put it to good use.

On their website, you can put down a fully refundable $250 to be put on a waiting list.  I couldn’t find any pricing figures, but I wouldn’t hold your breath, it’ll probably be a healthy premium.  But why not?  It’s not like you could go to Wal Mart and pick one up…

Video after the break

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HDR Video made using two Canon 5D Mark II’s

Many of you are probably familiar with HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography, a process that takes over and under exposed photographs and merges them into a single image with a high dynamic range of light and color.  Well, Soviet Montage has created the same effect on video using two Canon 5D Mark II’s, one over exposed and one under exposed.  There was no doubt some heavy post processing involved, but the final result looks pretty cool.  Check it out for yourself here.

Angry Birds for Android

Check it out, Android users… Angry Birds is in Beta for Android and a lite version is available for free!  In the 5 or 6 levels I’ve had time to play so far, I’ve been thoroughly impressed.  Unlike Doodle Jump, which doesn’t play nearly as smoothly on the Droid as it does on the iPod, this game feels like it’s supposed to.  In fact, it’s one of the few games for Android I’ve found so far that really feels like a game should… appealing graphics, great performance, and fun!  It’s as if I were playing it on an iPhone… which is saying a lot, as in my opinion, Apple still has the corner on the market with games.  However, I believe that will gradually change, and games like Angry Birds is on the right track to doing just that.  It all really boils down to weather or not developers will feel it’s worth their time porting to Android, but as more Android devices saturate the market, the more that won’t be an issue.

Grab a copy in the Market, and help the developers out by reporting any bugs you do find by using the ‘Bug’ button in the menu.