Minecraft Update 1.2.2

Minecraft just had it’s 1.2.2 update this morning so it seems and I just wanted to share a few of the updates.

For a complete list of the updates look at Notch’s (The creator) blog at: http://notch.tumblr.com/

General Fixes:

  • Players and mobs in lava or fire no longer spam sound effects
  • Zombie pigs and ghasts no longer get hurt by fire or lava
  • Zombie pigs eventually forgive you for hurting them

On Servers:

  • It appears the Nethers works now
  • You can use minecarts now supposedly
  • Sheep and cows now look like sheep and cows!
  • Buckets work
  • No animals setting

Now you can also add your own texture pack to completely change the look of the game by using an in game menu button.  You can place the zip file in the user/library/application support/minecraft/texturepacks folder like you used to have to do but now you can quickly select between them with the new Choose Texture Mods button on the main menu. I have placed a link of my favorite texture packs as of now. The two are lacking in a few places but I plan on combining them to get what i’m looking for.

My personal favorite texture packs:



Hijinks Inc. Minecraft Server Updated

I just updated our server with a few sweet new features.

Enter any of these commands from the chat window.

Player List
– Type /playerlist for a list of players currently online

Warp Zones
– /warp [zone name] to quickly jump to a location
– You should also be able to create your own warp zones by entering /setwarp new zone name from the location you’d like to set a warp zone to.

Here are the current warp zones:

/warp tower – Top of the highest tower

/warp fred – The First Church of Fred

/warp town – Our currently being developed town

/warp unionhall – Miners Union Hall

/warp unionmine – Union Mine

/warp docks – Boat docks (boats are in the chest)

/calvin – Calvin’s Beach House

Hijinks Inc. Minecraft Alpha Multiplayer Server

As you might have heard, Minecraft has caught our collective eyes here at Hijinks Inc. so much so, that not only have myself, Fred and Jared bought the game, but we’ve also decided to launch a multiplayer server available to a select few.

Want in? Just send us an email aaron@hijinksinc.com

Like the software, our server is in alpha. Basically that means it’s an old MacBook sitting behind my TV in my living room, which also means it doesn’t have a static IP, we’re currently getting around that by using an easy to remember subdomain name, and if the IP address of the server changes we’ll just update where the domain is being pointed. In short, we don’t expect to have much downtime, but you’ve been warned.

Minecraft: 143,932 reasons why I wish I had developed it

The other day I came across several mentions of a little game called Minecraft, a Java based game you can play online, or purchase and download.  Not thinking much of it, I surfed on.  A little later on reddit, I came across an article on the games’ sales figures.  Hold up the train…

As of 12:05am on Sunday the 3rd of October, the website states that in the past 24 hours, 10,506 copies of the game had been purchased.

At $13.70 per copy, that’s $143,932.20 gross sales.

In one day.

That is all.