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It couldn’t last forever. After almost three months of weekly posts, I’ve gone AWOL for the past two weeks. This happens to coincide with a new role I’ve taken on at work, which involves me learning a completely new set of skills and working a lot of long hours.

That’s not my excuse mind you. My excuse is Starcraft freakin’ 2. That game has taken over what free time I have left and consumed it within its addictive goodness. Which brings me to this:

What Fred is Playing: Starcraft 2 Edition

I bet you knew that Starcraft 2 was a thing, but did you know that there were even cooler things within that thing? I just blew your mind, I know. In Starcraft and Warcraft 3 there were these things called Custom games; user created maps that used gameplay derived but usually very different from the core campaign.

The most popular was a Warcraft 3 map was called Defense of the Ancients, or DotA for short. One guy (the monosyllabic ‘Eul’) created the map, little knowing he was creating a new genre of games. Several standalone games have been developed based on this core concept, such as League of Legends, Demigod, and the more recent XBLA release of Monday Night Combat.

Naturally Starcraft 2 had to have its DotA, and it does. They called it Storm of the Imperial Sanctum, or SotIS for short. Its not quite as polished as DotA was (and still is), but the developers are making great strides toward achieving their forerunners success.

I’ve been playing a couple games every night, along with a couple marathon sessions on my weekends off with some friends. At some point in the future I’m going to write up a couple item builds for my favorite heroes and post them (ya know, so I can say I’m “researching for an article” when my girlfriend asks me what I’m doing).

I’m hoping to get another promotion in the near future that offers some better hours, but until then, blogging might be a little hit or miss. Til next time!

What Dave’s Playing: NCAA Football 11

I threw in a quick “What I’m Playing” blurb at the end of my first post announcing my return to the blogging world. If any of you were paying attention you might have seen NCAA Football 11 at the bottom and thought to yourself, “Hey, wait a minute, that game isn’t even out yet! How is this idiot playing it now?” Well, to be truthful, I’m not. But I am very much looking forward to it.

I don’t like to publish a review about a game until I’ve had a chance to really explore the game. Because of that, you won’t be getting a ton of “breaking news” type game reviews about the latest and greatest games. So you can expect a review of this game, but probably not for a week or 2 after it’s release, which is July 13, one week from today.

They (and by they I mean EA Sports) have really packed in the awesomeness this year, so if you haven’t purchased this game in a few years, I would suggest you consider it this time around. Team specific entrances? This game’s got ’em. Numbers on the side of the helmet? Got ’em (although you might have been like me and didn’t realize we didn’t have those all along. Probably only Alabama fans saw that glaring weakness). Refs on the field? They’re back, and I didn’t know how much I missed them!

I’ll cover a few more features after the jump. Continue reading What Dave’s Playing: NCAA Football 11

Welcome Back… ME!!

Hey everybody! My name is Dave, I helped Aaron and Fred back when we started out on this endeavor called Hijinks Inc. but ultimately fell by the wayside. I didn’t feel that my content really fit too well with what they were both writing about, and I lost a bit of my gusto. Aaron was gracious enough to invite me back and I jumped at the opportunity to join the crew again.

A quick update on my bio since I was last here, as well as the biggest news thus far in my life: I have a new son! He is probably the coolest little person on the planet, at least in my slanted viewpoint. That’s about all that’s changed, otherwise everything coincides with that event, learning how to live with a baby and all that changes along with that. But it’s been great.

I’ve been asked to write movie and game reviews, but you’ll probably get some sports stuff thrown in there too, as that is one of my biggest hobbies, and maybe an occasional post about parenting, as I think I’m the only one around here with a kid running around. I might not always write about the most recent movies and games, but I hope that at the very least you guys get some amusement from my posts. If you so choose you can find me on Twitter ( @sackdaddy ). Glad to be back, you can look for my first new review tomorrow.

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