Apple shows some love… for homeschoolers?!

I did a double take when I stumbled upon this page in Apple’s education store. Apparently Apple made a few policy changes not covered in their event yesterday.

Homeschooling has grown significantly over the past several years, with current estimates of up to 1.5 million students now attending homeschool. At Apple, we have focused on building technology solutions for education for over 25 years. And now, recognizing the growing demand of homeschoolers, we are making the full range of Appleā€™s educational products and solutions available to homeschools.

Translation: There are 1.5 million MORE kids out there that could be buying our products. Cash money baby!!

Being a graduated homeschooler myself, I have to give props to Apple for cashing in on the movement. So what if they are just after our money? Respect is respect after all.

Linkage – An Open Letter to the ATM

I admit, I’m starting off on the wrong foot. My first post here should be some thing with some meaning, maybe even some real content… but alas, I have succumb to the irresistible wiles of random (read: pointless) links to other websites, oh but think of the time I’ve saved! Which can now be devoted to much more meaningful things, like watching iPhone auctions on eBay.

I was surfing around on the website today and I ran across this rather funny letter written by jlcoke.

[ Read it here ]

I don’t really use ATM’s all that often, but I still found it humorous.