Free SIP Calling with Google Voice (sans Gizmo5)

Let me start by saying this tutorial does not use Gizmo5, since they no longer are accepting signups (gee, thanks Google) I was looking for a way to make this work without using their service. When you’re done, this will allow you to make  calls via your computer, iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch (2nd gen and newer) to any number using your Google Voice number, all for free.

For starters you’ll need a Google Voice number, if you don’t have one, post your email address in the comments and we’ll do our best to hook you up (I have 5 invites currently available).

This tutorial is rather long and some might find it overly complicated, so consider yourself warned. What I’ve outlined here is the free way of doing things, but if you purchase iPhone software like Acrobits Softphone [$7.99] you’ll get a much better user experience.
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Video: Using an iPad 3G’s Micro SIM in an iPhone

For those of you who don’t believe that this works or don’t care to try it for yourself, here’s a video of an iPad 3G Micro SIM card being used in my stock iPhone 3G running iPhone OS 3.1.3.

You can of course try this yourself by following the instructions outlined in my previous post.

Using a Micro SIM in an iPhone 3G

There are countless videos and blog posts telling you how you can take your full size SIM card and cut it down to fit in your iPad, but frankly, that’s idiotic. I mean really, who’s going to cut up the SIM card they’re using in their $85+ a month iPhone to put in their iPad when they could just pay $30 a month for unlimited date on the iPad. Yes, you might be cutting up a T-Mobile SIM, but let’s face it… Do you really want to be using EDGE on an iPad?

Anyhow, that’s not what this post is about. I’m going to show you how to do the exact opposite of that, how to take your Micro SIM and use it in your iPhone for cheap data only service. It’s easier than you might think.

Update: Some sites are incorrectly reporting that you need a jailbroken iPhone for this to work, you do not.

Update 2: You also watch this quick video walkthrough.

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Things I’d Like to See From Apple

[ More Back to School Rebate Options ]

Every year Apple tries to bribe convince hoards of hipsters, wanna-be-hipsters, and just average American college students to make the switch (or upgrade) to a new Mac by throwing in an iPod touch for free (after rebate). They’re also greedy kind enough to let you upgrade to a larger capacity iPod touch and just pay the difference, but what I really hope to see this year is the option to cash that $200 rebate in on an iPad. Or hey, a rebate on the new iPhone would also be pretty sweet.

[ Universal Update Manager ]

Apple’s Software Update is ok, not great, but it at least beats Microsoft Update. However, I’d love to see Apple come out with Bodega like functionality (only better) for Software Update. Let me explain further.

Bodega allows users to browse available applications for OS X but it also tracks current versions and shows you which of your installed applications has an update available. While this is nice,  it’s not as “stupid proof” as I’d like, which is what I want Apple to step up and provide. Clicking the “Get” link (which must be done for each individual app, there’s currently no option to download all updates) in Bodega opens your web browser and downloads the DMG file for the update, but then you have to actually mount and install it.

I don’t really care if Apple provides an interface for browsing available applications for OS X (heck, they already have a downloads section on their website), what I’m looking for is an extension to Software Update that allows developers to incorporate the option of updates being available via Software Update.

For example, most applications when first launched ask if you would like to check for updates automatically on start-up. What if instead/or in addition it gave you the option of having updates appear via Apple’s Software Update? That way when OS X checks for updates weekly it will notify you of all available updates both for Apple products and the third party software you’ve opted for it to keep tabs on.

[ iPhone Apps as Widgets ]

I’ve spent a lot of money on iPhone apps and I know I’m not the only one, and now that I have an iPad I’m turning into an app snob, I don’t like using apps on my iPad that aren’t native, it’s just plain annoying. I also find myself using my iPhone less and less, so what if Apple blessed us peons with the option to run iPhone apps as widgets (both standalone or in Dashboard). Might make me feel better about all that money I spent on apps.

While it’s not a perfect concept, I admit, I think potential issues like multi-touch interaction with the apps could be easily over come with the use of those shiny multi-touch track pads all the new MacBook Pro’s have.

Cydia Apps for iPad – Working / Non-working

Jailbreaking your iPad with Spirit is easy, one of the easiest jailbreaks I’ve ever used in fact. However, there aren’t a lot of apps that work on the iPad yet, which can result in totally borking your iPad and having to restore countless times. So here’s a list of what worked / didn’t work for me.

While SBSettings works, your best bet is to grab the beta version of it from

Working Apps:

  • Activator
  • Backgrounder
  • Clock Hide
  • CyDelete
  • iSteamy
  • OpenSSH
  • Rock app
  • SBSettings
  • Snes4iPhone
  • Veency
  • vlc4iphone

Partially Working Apps:

  • StatusNotifier [Status icons are displayed in the status bar, but the StatusNotifier preferences app crashes]

Non-working Apps:

  • Circuitous
  • Cydgets
  • iBluenova
  • Kirikae
  • Lockinfo
  • mQuickDo
  • Notifier
  • ProSwitcher
  • Winterboard