Things I just don’t understand: Part 1

World of Warcraft: Game of the Year, mmorpg phenomenon, and all-around cash cow.

One might ask themselves, “How could someone who spends fifteen bucks a month to play a game (guilty) spend even MORE money on said game?” Say…five hundred bucks more? The answer lies in a 2×3 piece of painted cardboard.

Blizzard partnered with Upper Deck a few months ago to create the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.

It’s a simple concept:

1. Take a proven social fad (WoW).

2. Add pretty pictures and collectible content.

3. Rake in the cash.

And rake they did. But it gets better. They included a handful of cards in each series that you could redeem for in-game items. These items ranged from a tabard you could wear over your armor to the Spectral Tiger mount seen above. That particular card is going for over $500 bucks on eBay right now. Why would someone pay that much money?

To look like this guy, obviously.

Oh, and it gives you an epic %100 movement increase…just like all the other epic mounts in the game that DON’T cost five hundred bucks. Some things I just don’t understand.

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