MacBook revision coming tomorrow?

Updated: Nope, nothing… try again next week.

Word on the street is that Apple might be releasing a revision to their MacBook line up tomorrow. Previous rumors have pointed to early November as a release date for the revision, so this wouldn’t be that far off.

Details of the update are pretty much nonexistence, however, Apple’s Leopard update has revealed drivers for the newer Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics chip. This is the successor to the Intel GMA 950 which is currently used in the existing MacBooks. This would suggest that the next MacBook would see an upgrade to the Santa Rosa chipset. The driver, does appear functional and works when used on a PC laptop with the X3100 chipset.

Sweet Jailbreaking Action

I recently acquired an iPod touch, and the first thing I did was jailbreak it and install 3rd party apps, seriously, I didn’t even sync any music to it first.

While cool, the iPod touch is limited greatly out of the box, but add in a quick jailbreak,, and some iPhone applications like mail and you’ve got yourself a winner. I can do just as much with my iPod touch as I could with my Dell Axim 51v, granted the range of available applications are fairly limited right now, but with the SDK coming in February the best is yet to come. In all seriousness though, an iPod touch of the 8GB variety is $299, verses the $399-499 price tag of a Pocket PC with far less storage space.

Yes, the iPod touch does have a ways to go before it can really be billed as a Pocket PC replacement, and I’m sure Apple would rather roll out an updated Newton to fill that role, but it’s still a very solid mobile platform and incredibly versatile considering its intended use as a music player platform.

So if you can afford an iPod touch and are cool with potentially voiding your warranty, get one, jailbreak it and enjoy!

Stock pick: CapitalSource Inc.

Recently I’ve been trying to diversify my portfolio in the area of dividend stocks, while rocking the research scene I happened across CapitalSource Inc. (CSE) which looks like a good investment.

While their business model is a little more high risk than I’d like, I think they’re a decent buy at their current price thanks to the market weakness of the past few months, plus their current dividend yield is 14.30%.

The biggest question now is whether to buy CSE prior to their earnings report of November 6th or not. If they report weaker than expected earnings, you might be able to pick it up at a discount.

Rate Chasing

eTrade (along with most other banks) recently dropped their interest rates to 4.70% from 5.05%, so I set out to find a new bank to stash my money with. I’ll still do all my stock trading with eTrade, but I’ll move the bulk of my savings over to my new account.

Enter AmTrust Direct, boasting an interest rate of 5.36% APY and the ability to transfer money to and from my current external accounts (limited to six transfers a month). It’s not the most flexible account, but its certainly not the worst. No minimum balance requirements either.
After doing some research and finding mostly positive reviews of AmTrust Direct, I’ve decided to open an account there later this week.