Selling a ZIP Drive

I know, you’re probably thinking “they still make ZIP drives?”, right? Well I checked and they do.

Anyhow, I’m selling one on eBay right now and someone actually bid on it ($0.99 + $9.99 s&h). Weird. It’s the 100MB model from 2000, still shrink wrapped in all its glory. How is that possible you ask? Umm, good question… well, I found it buried under 8 years of junk mail in my Grandpa’s office last month when I was cleaning.

I’m totally happy getting $0.99 for it, but if I can make $2.00 that’d be insane! Join me next week when I’ll be auctioning off a vintage copy of of Microsoft Word 5.0 and a Leading Edge word processor.

Abilene Christian University + Apple = PR Stunt

Check it out, Abilene Christian University is offering students a “free” iPhone or iPod touch.

“Freshmen will use an iPhone or iPod touch to receive homework alerts, answer in-class surveys and quizzes, get directions to their professors’ offices, and check their meal and account balances – among more than 15 other useful web applications already developed“, said ACU Chief Information Officer Kevin Roberts.

That of course doesn’t mention the hefty AT&T subscription you’ll be stuck with, so I’m assuming you can choose between the iPod or iPhone. At any rate, it’s all good news for Apple which is now 5000 iPhones closer to selling 10 million.

It’s a cool idea and everything, but seriously, are they that desperate to attract new student? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for bribing people, especially when that person is me, but if I was given an iPod touch that I could use in class I would totally play games the entire time.

In other news, I just switched schools.

Dynasty Sleepers: QB

I received a few friendly reminders here recently about my lack of posting, after vowing to do better this year. I’ve been rummaging through my brain trying to find something worth writing, and decided to divulge some more useless crap that I know about fantasy football.

I’m the type of fantasy gamer that thinks football should be played all year; and since they stop playing games in mid-February, I do my part to ensure that I have plenty of things to keep me going year round. I’m currently in the middle of a startup dynasty draft (yes, ANOTHER dynasty draft, that makes 6 dynasty teams that I run!!) and we are approaching the mid rounds, when teams are truly separated because of their ability to grab key players, before they become household names. Before I start listing off these no-namers, I want to admit that I got alot of this research from other guys, and then looked into these players on my own, and I encourage you to do the same. Nobody gets it right every time, but I found a few people that seem to see things close to the same way I do, so I keep coming back for more insight. I’ll list them for you at the end.

Enough with the introductions, let’s get on to the list making! This “edition” of my dynasty sleepers will focus on the QBs. I’ll catch you after the jump: Continue reading Dynasty Sleepers: QB

Handheld Gaming Fevor, Part 1

My fascination with hand held game systems stems from my childhood, when the very first video game system I ever owned–in all its monochromatic glory–was the original Gameboy. I treasured the two hours a day that my parents allowed me to spend on it, and my adoration clouded my judgment of the mostly crappy games I played on it.

Fast forward eight years, and now I have enough disposable income to actually buy these things on my own.


Insightful commentary after the jump! Continue reading Handheld Gaming Fevor, Part 1

Upgrading to the Touch

So the other day my girlfriend offered up an interesting proposal to me. She would use her birthday money to buy my iPod Nano (at a slight discount) and I would spend an extra 50-70 bucks to upgrade to an iPod touch. Brilliant! But here’s the catch.

My iPod has been exhibiting…interesting tendencies since a couple weeks after I bought it. At random times the scroll wheel won’t respond to my delicate stroking. It will still move, but it randomly jumps around instead of smoothly scrolling. For example, if I’m trying to adjust the volume (and it starts out at max volume) touching it will cause the volume to jump down to the halfway mark, and then ‘scrolling’ the wheel will make the volume skip back and forth between the halfway mark and about the 3/4 mark. If I continue trying to move the volume up, the volume will continue to skip up and down the bar, slowly moving farther and farther down the bar with every jump until it mutes the sound.

Weird huh? The same thing occurs if I’m trying to navigate through the menu system. If the top menu choice is highlighted (i.e. ‘Music’ on the main menu), trying to scroll down to ‘Podcasts’ is nearly impossible. I have to scroll to the option, keep my finger on the scroll wheel at the desired position, then with another finger push the center button to go into the sub-menu. If at any time during the process I let up on the scroll wheel, the selection jumps back up to the top of the menu column.

Confusing enough? Yeah, if I could just get it to perform when I had my computer handy I’d take a video. In fact, I might just make that my mission this week. Anyway, if any of you guys have had, heard of, or even understand the problem I just described, let me know in the comments. Aaron suggests (and I agree) that I should just take it back to the store and see if I can exchange it. Hopefully that will go as smoothly as it does in my head.