Alexa Rank

Alexa has a very skewed way of ranking websites, it bases your sites rank off of the number of hits from people who have the Alexa Toolbar installed. Lame!

It has been suggested though, that adding one of Alexa’s widgets to your site might improve your rank, as it supposedly allows Alexa to register visits based off the number of times the widget has been loaded by unique IPs as well as those visits from users with the Alexa Toolbar installed.

In order to test this out, I’m going to add a traffic rank widget to Hijinks, which currently has a rank of 1,698,556. And at the end of the week, we’ll see if our rank actually increases.

Yahoo’s Plan for Saving Money? Move to Nebraska!

Yahoo is reportedly considering moving a small chunk (more like a crumb) of their failing operations to Omaha, bringing about 50 jobs to the area with an average salary of $68,700.

Valleywag’s take?

Yahoo is specifically looking at a piece of property in an Omaha suburb, says the AP, confusing us. Doesn’t there have to be an urban area for there to be a suburban area? We thought the city outskirts around Omaha had a simpler name: farmland.

Apparently this is all speculation based on the fact that the company recently applied for some serious state tax breaks available in Nebraska. Nebraska Tax Commissioner Doug Ewald (we have a tax commissioner?) is quoted by the AP as saying that the application for tax breaks doesn’t guarantee Yahoo is coming to the state.

Scour – Get Paid to Improve Search Results

Getting paid might be an overstatement, as Scour really just rewards you with points which can be redeemed for cash at around 6500 points (that translates into $25).

Scour arregates search results from Yahoo, MSN, and Google, so it’s actually useful as a search engine. Plus you can earn a little extra on the side.

Use this link to signup and earn a few bonus points curtosy of Hijinks Inc.