Hijinks Movie Reviews: It’s Complicated

The one and only thing that grabbed my attention about It’s Complicated was the fact that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin would be sharing the screen. These two have had some really funny moments in the past on SNL as they both go back and forth taking the lead for the most hosting gigs. While those big names did translate to a few good laughs, it wasn’t all good.

As always, we’ll skim the top of  the details here and jump in a bit more after the jump, plot points brought to you courtesy of Wikipedia. It’s Complicated was released in theaters on December 25, 2009, and was then released on DVD and Blu-Ray on April 27, 2010. With big names aplenty (Alec Baldwin, Steve Martin, Meryl Streep, and John Krasinski) you’d think they’d deliver some big laughs… well… Continue reading Hijinks Movie Reviews: It’s Complicated

Hijinks Movie Reviews: The Expendables

My wife received 2 pairs of free movie passes as a gift from her work awhile back, and I told him immediately after hearing about them that one of the movies we had to go watch was The Expendables. I was really excited about this movie, I mean, look at that list of names on the poster… it had to be awesome, right?

Well, as it ended up, we didn’t use the tickets for this movie, I ended up going on a guy’s night out with my buddy Bob Sacamano because The Expendables was one of the $5 movies for the week. We got to the theater, found the seats closest to the middle of the theater, not too close, and with the requisite one seat buffer between us, we sat in expectation of all the awesomely mind blowing action we were about to see. Were our minds blown? You’ll have to stick with me through the break to find out. Continue reading Hijinks Movie Reviews: The Expendables

Hijinks Movie Reviews: She’s Out Of My League

Confession time, well, 2 things really. One, I rented She’s Out Of My League because Alice Eve is looks really good on the cover. Two, I have a very honest relationship with my wife, and I love it. While watching the movie, after the first few scenes Alice Eve was in, my wife turned to me and said, “She’s really cute! Is she on your list?” More on that list later.

I didn’t really intend to watch this movie until a friend of mine told me how much he enjoyed it. This particular friend is very conservative in his movie watching and it surprised me that he’d chosen this movie to watch… I’d written it off as just another raunch-fest that so many teen/college age movies seem to be these days. So when I sat down to watch She’s Out Of My League, I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Continue reading Hijinks Movie Reviews: She’s Out Of My League

Hijinks Movie Reviews: Cop Out

Cop Out is a homage to all the buddy cop movies out there. Homage, which Tracy Morgan’s character points out early in the movie, is a french word for “You’d better let me do this!” He was referring to interrogating a witness, during which he proceeded to poorly imitate a number of cop movies.

This is a good example of what this movie ultimately achieves. Great dialogue followed by a scene that just missed the mark. If the entire movie could have been Willis and Morgan driving around arguing, it probably would have been better. We’ll hit the specifics and some plot details after the break. Continue reading Hijinks Movie Reviews: Cop Out

Hijinks Movie Reviews: The Bounty Hunter

I’m really not sure why I like Gerard Butler so much, outside of 300 I really haven’t cared for many of his movies (although I guess I enjoyed Law Abiding Citizen too). But I definitely haven’t been a huge fan of his romantic comedies. There’s just something about him that makes me want to keep seeing his movies, maybe he just comes across as a regular guy’s guy? Maybe I like his accent? I just really can’t remember what interested me about The Bounty Hunter, whatever the case, I sat down and watched it recently with my wife… maybe she likes his accent?

Here’s your specifics for the film, released in theater March 19, 2010 and on DVD & Blu-ray on July 13, 2010. We’ll get into the movie a bit more after the jump. Continue reading Hijinks Movie Reviews: The Bounty Hunter