An Open Letter to the World

Postage Stamp... Wait, people still mail letters?Dear World,

We here at Hijinks Incorporated are a needy bunch, desperate for your approval and adoration.

So please consider helping us with our self image problem by doing the following:

We thank you. Our mothers thank you. Our therapists curse you.

Unicorn Tears and Jonathan Ive

We all know Apple products are powered by unicorn tears, but did you know that we here at Hijinks Inc. recently started using the tears of Apple’s lead designer Jonathan Ive to power not only our RSS feed, but our Twitter accounts as well? True story. Don’t let Ive’s tears go to waste.

Please consider doing the following:

Three Things to Make Your Life Better

Things are about to get crazy at Hijinks Inc, not promising anything but there might be semi-regular updates in the near future. In order to properly prepare yourself for this madness, as well as the coming Zombie Apocalypse, consider doing these three things.

[1] Subscribe to our RSS feed:
[2] Follow us on Twitter: @hijinksinc, @aaronnelsen, and @fredericksmith
[3] Register for an account, maybe even comment on a post or two.

Win a free copy of Fall Down Forever!

Apple finally approved Fall Down Forever, and it’s now on sale for the outrageously high price of $0.99. Crazy big money, I know.

Well here’s your chance to save those precious pennies! Just follow me on Twitter, then send me a Tweet with what you’ll be spending that $0.99 you just saved on. Easy enough, right?

Winner will be chosen randomly. Contest is open until Friday, the 27th (12:01AM CST).