1-800-454-9078: Chase Fraud Center

I was eating lunch this afternoon and I tragically missed a call from 1-800-454-9078, I thought that if it was important they’d leave a voice mail. No such luck. My curiosity aroused, and my lunch gone, I Googled the number, it came up as being from the Chase Fraud Center, awesome! I have a Chase card.
Just to be on the safe side, I called the Cardmember Services number on the back of my card instead, I was immediately connected to a wonderful automated system which asked me to verify that I was who I said I was, and then it informed me there was some suspicious activity on my card, splendid! Honestly, I didn’t think much of it because I had just asked to have my credit limit raised and on the very day they raised it I made a purchase in the excess of $2700, however, much to my surprise, the so called suspicious charge came from my Newegg.com order that I placed last month for the small sum of $123. What the heck? I’ve placed orders with Newegg.com countless times, most of which were for far more than $123. Messed up.

Anyhow, for what it’s worth I just thought I’d share.

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