– Financies just got really shiny

I know, the hype is over… Everyone else has already reviewed Mint. So what? Maybe I’ve held off on trying for a while, I’m quite happy with my current financial management program, even if it is rather basic. Anyhow, I broke down, registered an account and gave it a try.

Long story short, Mint is hot. But if you need a little bit more incentive to try it, here’s the break down.

The good…

  • Slick interface, staring at numbers has never been more attractive
  • Wide range of banks and credit cards are support
  • Automatically downloads transactions and categorizes your spending (it’s not always correct, but you can easily change things)
  • Great range of information is available at a glance, you login and right away you can see the key numbers for all your accounts
  • Ridiculously easy to use

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Could an unlocked iPod touch fulfill my portable gaming habit?

I purchased a Nintendo DS about 6 months ago (when I realized I could play MarioKart whenever my heart desired). I’ve played some of the “best games”–according to the sales charts–the system has to offer.

A couple weeks ago my good friend Aaron bought an iPod touch. A week later he had Super Mario 3 running on it. Am I tempted? You betcha.

Let’s break this down a little bit.

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Passive Income – October

At the beginning of last month I made a post about my quest to earn money doing nothing, or passive income if you will. Here are the results for the month of October, I made $63.19 in passive income, here’s the break down…

  • Interest: $11.13
  • Dividends: $13.22
  • Credit Card Rewards: $16.57
  • AdSense: $7.17
  • Text Ads: $15

This blog generated nothing in AdSense income, which is sad, I also didn’t end up doing anything with Revver, so no love there either.