Mint Revisited (Build ph541.86)

I hadn’t even logged in to Mint at all over the last few months, but a couple days ago I decided to see what progress they’ve made since I last used it.

Right off the bat, I noticed they’d finally added support for brokerage accounts! Amazing! Only downside, the Add Account function doesn’t seem to work under Firefox 3 Beta 5, for shame!

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Looking For XP Drivers For Your Acer?

Let’s say you just picked up that sweet Acer Aspire AS4715-4053 notebook for $499.99 at Newegg, but it’s not living up to your expectations due to Windows Vista. Good news! It’s a little known fact that Acer still provides XP compatible drivers for most of their machines, not all but most. So if you happen to be looking for Acer drivers, try their European support site.

I checked and they do offer XP drivers for the Aspire AS47150-4953.

[ Drivers and Utilities (Acer EU) ]