In Loving Memory

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting at a coffee shop with my girlfriend, and as I prepared to leave I asked her to pass me my computer bag, somehow as she handed me the bag she knocked over her drink. I watched in horror as 16oz of iced death spilled all over my laptop, it let out its last dying breath in the form of a loud pop, followed closely by a soft hissing noise as the coffee seeped between the keys.

It only lasted a few short seconds, but they felt like an eternity as I stood by helplessly watching as its life was snuffed out right before my eyes.

After 14 hours of “drying” out the computer won’t turn on at all, I didn’t exactly figure it would considering the nature of the sounds that came out of it as it was dying. Somehow I doubt Apple will be all that understanding when they find out that the reason my Macbook Pro isn’t booting is because my girlfriend spilled coffee on it while it was running. Maybe after sitting for another day or two it will miraculously work.

Adding insult to injury, is the fact that I’ve had this computer for a grand total of three months. Oh, and I start school on Tuesday.

1-800-454-9078: Chase Fraud Center

I was eating lunch this afternoon and I tragically missed a call from 1-800-454-9078, I thought that if it was important they’d leave a voice mail. No such luck. My curiosity aroused, and my lunch gone, I Googled the number, it came up as being from the Chase Fraud Center, awesome! I have a Chase card.
Just to be on the safe side, I called the Cardmember Services number on the back of my card instead, I was immediately connected to a wonderful automated system which asked me to verify that I was who I said I was, and then it informed me there was some suspicious activity on my card, splendid! Honestly, I didn’t think much of it because I had just asked to have my credit limit raised and on the very day they raised it I made a purchase in the excess of $2700, however, much to my surprise, the so called suspicious charge came from my order that I placed last month for the small sum of $123. What the heck? I’ve placed orders with countless times, most of which were for far more than $123. Messed up.

Anyhow, for what it’s worth I just thought I’d share.

Linkage – An Open Letter to the ATM

I admit, I’m starting off on the wrong foot. My first post here should be some thing with some meaning, maybe even some real content… but alas, I have succumb to the irresistible wiles of random (read: pointless) links to other websites, oh but think of the time I’ve saved! Which can now be devoted to much more meaningful things, like watching iPhone auctions on eBay.

I was surfing around on the website today and I ran across this rather funny letter written by jlcoke.

[ Read it here ]

I don’t really use ATM’s all that often, but I still found it humorous.