Sneak Peek: Decipher for iPad

It’s been quite a while since we released an iOS app, largely in part because we’ve been busy doing custom app development for some local companies, but we’re back. That is as soon as Apple approves it.

In the mean time, let me give you a sneak peek at our latest creation, Decipher for iPad!

Decipher for iPad

This is the followup to one of our previous games, Decipher Extreme. In essence it’s the same game, just redesigned for the iPad with higher resolution graphics and a cleaner interface. Decipher is based off the classic puzzle game Mastermind, the objective of the game is to guess the color pattern hidden at the top of the screen, pretty simple, yet quite addicting.

Want a free copy when it gets approved? Of course you do! Just sound off in the comments with your guess on what day Apple will approve it. Closest guess will receive a promo code for the game.

Hijinks Reviews: Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is Rockstar’s new (I say new layered heavily in italicized sarcasm because the game was actually released way back on May 18th) open ended, Western themed action adventure game that was released to raving reviews from just about everybody. This is the part where you say, ‘Hey, Rockstar, I recognize that name, didn’t they make the Grand Theft Auto games? I love killing prostitutes and running policemen over in stolen cars!’, but before you get all gung-ho about the mayhem you can create in the wild wild west, let me help you by more accurately describing what you can expect after the jump.

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Quake Live Invites

In case you’ve been living under a rock, or spending too much time playing WoW, ID Software has decided to bring back some classic Quake action as a free browser based FPS. Enter Quake Live.

It’s currently in beta, but for three lucky people I’ve got invites to join the fun. However, you’ll have to be running Windows, since neither Mac or Linux is supported at this point.

First three people to email me at aaron [ at ] get the invites.


I don’t know if any of you have played any of team17’s Worms series, but they’re awesome.

Anyhow, Wormux is an open source equivalent available for OS X (as well as Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, and also available in a bootable livecd form), you should seriously consider checking it out.

[ Download it here ]

I’m hoping either team17 or the developers of Wormux come out with an iPhone version after the SDK launches. That would be fantastic.