I pity the foo’ (who doesn’t play World of Warcraft)


As if they arn’t making enough money, Blizzard Entertainment has hired the collective coolness of Mr. T and–wait for it–William “Shatnerology” Shatner, to pitch new commercials for the game. I want to meet the marketing guys who thought this one up and shake their hands.

Tune in next week for the exciting conclusion to the ad campaign: Chuck Norris and Jason Alexander!

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New Ads Recruit Mr. T and Shatner (Kotaku)


Smart people have PhDs…and play World of Warcraft.

A couple days ago Neils Clark over at Gamasutra asked the question: is there life after Warcraft? It wasn’t so much the question that was interesting, but the people he posed the question to. He asked five bone fide academics to give their qualified opinion on the phenomenon that is World of Warcraft. If you are into intelligent commentary on virtual social trends, or if you just have some time to burn, it’s worth a read.

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WoW on the iPhone?

I’m crossing into Fred’s territory with this post. After all he is the resident World of Warcraft fanboy, but according to Macenstein, Apple’s latest press conference is going to announce WoW for both the iPhone and iPod touch.

How did he come to this conclusion you might ask? Well, you can read the full story here. But the short and sweet version is that the little slogan Apple sent out as part of the invitation “Mum is no longer the word” is actually an anagram for “Lord, now the Grum is on me”.


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Things I just don’t understand: Part 1

World of Warcraft: Game of the Year, mmorpg phenomenon, and all-around cash cow.

One might ask themselves, “How could someone who spends fifteen bucks a month to play a game (guilty) spend even MORE money on said game?” Say…five hundred bucks more? The answer lies in a 2×3 piece of painted cardboard.

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