Hijinks Reviews: Madden 11

Hey sports fans! I apologize I haven’t given Madden the attention that it deserves. We got such an overwhelming response to our NCAA 11 coverage I really should have churned this out right away, but I got incredibly busy (coaching real life football, who woulda thunk!) and now we are almost 2 months past release date… I’m ashamed. However, you are still here reading, so without further delay, we’ll jump into what’s good and bad about this years edition.

The big changes in this year’s game are four-fold: dual analog stick control, more intuitive blocking, Strategy Pad, and GameFlow. In some cases the upgrades were a home run, some surprised me. I’ll get into the details after the jump. Continue reading Hijinks Reviews: Madden 11

How To: Use Formation Subs in NCAA 11

EA Sports just released a nice little series of tutorial videos showing you how to use the formation subs in NCAA Football 11, among other things. In addition to the step by step guide, they give some nice scenarios when it would be best to consider using the formation subs. Video and links after the jump. Continue reading How To: Use Formation Subs in NCAA 11

Hijinks Reviews: NCAA Football 11

Mmm… football. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been looking forward to NCAA Football 11 since, well, since NCAA 10 came out I guess. After renting ’10, I was pretty unimpressed with the ‘upgrades’ made from NCAA 09, and decided to stick with ’09.

But when I read the ‘first look’ on ESPN a few months ago, I was instantly grabbed by this year’s edition. So many long overdue changes were being made, this really seemed like it would be what college football video games have been promising us since they made it to next-gen consoles. But does it deliver? Find out after the jump.

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How To: Load NCAA 11 Rosters With A Flash Drive

I’ve had a number of people hitting me up on twitter asking how to download the updated rosters without Xbox Live or the PSN. After searching high and low for the information, I figured it would be easier to just centralize it here. PS3 and Xbox walkthroughs after the jump. Continue reading How To: Load NCAA 11 Rosters With A Flash Drive

NCAA Football 11 Rosters Download and More

NCAA Football 11 released today (or yesterday depending on where you are reading this), I haven’t  had enough time to check it out quite as much as I’d like to give you a full review yet, but we seem to have had quite a bit of traffic from my NCAA 11 TeamBuilder post, so since that went over so well, I’ll provide you with a few more links to fill out your college football experience.

Rosters File Download: C’mon, nobody likes to play a football game with #18 passing to #86 with #21 on the coverage. So head over here and download the free rosters file. Every player on every team is named, and in most cases they’ve taken the time to update the roster over what EA released initially. Don’t get tricked into paying for this, it’s available for free all over the place by download from the correct EA Locker. Thanks to the forums at operationsports.com for this tidbit:

Q: How do we get the roster from the EA Locker?

A: Thinking that the EA Locker works the same as last year…..Go to the EA Locker, select download, input the correct gamertag into the input roster file name. (NOTE: YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE ON THEIR FRIENDS LIST TO GET THESE ROSTERS) Once downloaded go to file management and reload the roster you just downloaded.

Xbox 360 Rosters – CcAaRrSsOoNn3
PS3 Rosters – buckeye02
or gamingtailgate

(PLEASE NOTE that they are finalizing the rosters as we speak, they will post a new thread notifying everybody of a completed upload, but if you don’t want to wait for that and just want to get started, feel free to download the file from their EA lockers. Also, if you happen to find a missing player, or someone out of position on your favorite team, be sure to let them know in the Roster Correction Thread so they can get it fixed right away!)

*Edit: If you don’t have a connection to the internet, check out my tutorial on downloading the roster file and using a flash drive to transfer it to your console

For information on Custom Stadium sounds, follow me through the jump: Continue reading NCAA Football 11 Rosters Download and More